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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Geoff Stoker

I'm going to miss my Dad today.

Not just today, I've missed him every day for the last year, it's just amplified today.

It's been a year since I saw cancer, a truly terrible disease, take a great man away and there hasn't been a day in which I haven't uttered expletives when describing cancer, but I'm not naive. There is no fountain of youth that keeps those we love with us or that allows us extra time, time beyond that which we've been allotted, he could as easily have been taken earlier......but I'm sure, given the choice, we'd all have preferred later.

Over this last year I've wished that there was some way, other than memories, which would have allowed him to be here when we needed him to be; those family situations that needed his opinion or a decision on the state of English cricket.

I know that Mum would have wanted him to stay around, they'd even have been able to celebrate a Golden Wedding anniversary denied to them both. To have been able to experience those few extra minutes, during which they could have continued to play out moments of love and togetherness that became a way of life from the moment they decided to spend their lives together, seems to be something only Hollywood can give. Yet spending time with his friends and family, both immediate and extended, meant a huge amount to Dad and I'm sure to his friends too.

I think that I speak for both Mum, Glen and I when I say that his loss is considerable. His uncanny ability with football score analysis, gained from years of his sons filling in the pools coupons, seemed to mean that we would never be millionaires but obviously that's not what I'm talking about. Instead I mean the man who cared deeply about his sons' choices, even when he was at a loss to understand them, Dad I miss your guidance.

To those of you who did know him, even in passing, I'm sure that on this day you will choose to remember Geoff in your own way, but please do remember him. I know that he remembers you.

Dad's light has been somewhat dimmed, but it will never fade whilst we still remember those times in which we met him.

Try to enjoy the cricket, Dad, and don't give Stokes a hard time.....


  1. Hi Daron, spent all night trying to reply, couldn't find the words, your words touched my heart and meant so much, the worst part is knowing exactly how you feel, too great men taken from us and not a thing me could do, I miss my dad as you miss yours, I still find myself saying to people "I'll ask my dad" then the reality hits again harder than the time before, one more smile,hug or kiss would be my final wish, most of all the 2 amazing woman and 4 loving children left behind, to see our mums smile with their loves one more time would be my biggest wish sadly how matter how hard we try we can never bring back that love in our mum's eye. Love to you all as always and to you Geoff... I raise my glass to a great man xxxx

    1. Hey Michelle, sorry it's taken a while to reply. I think that to lose Dermot and Geoff in the same year is nothing short of bad management on the part of whoever keeps the books. Then again, that they get to spend even more time together now is the upside. I guarantee they are both checking in to what we're doing and wish they could be involved but I think that's also a comfort? Your Mum is a wonderful woman and you and Sam are incredibly strong people who will always care for each other and your friends. I really appreciate the message and keep in touch. I'm always around for a chat if you feel like it :-)