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Monday, January 11, 2016

The House 14 Months On...

At this point we are so close to being into the house it's starting to get frustrating. For the last couple of months, little things seem to have been causing big, and unnecessary, hold-ups. For instance, the project manager confirmed that they hadn't applied to the national electricity board for connection. Seriously, what's up with that? He then went on to confirm that the water supply wasn't connected yet either!

Apart from that there have been the usual snagging issues and they'll take a while to complete. The little 'touching up' jobs. These have included some plastering work and some cosmetic bits too but the biggest issue for me is the door we had made to enter the back yard seems to have warped a bit. Anyway, problems are in hand and being dealt with.

So that means our main focus is on the kitchen. This part of the project seems to have taken over our entire lives and something that was supposed to add a little extra to the house, in terms of extra room as much as atmosphere, is starting to resemble Ahab's quest for the white whale.

If you've been keeping up with this subject on the blog you'll know that we had a plan to get the kitchen looking something like this....

well it turns out that because we have a U-shaped kitchen, just like this needs stuff like this...

8 metres of kitchen cupboard base units
8 metres of marble work surface
17 metres of ceramic wall tiling, grouting and adhesive
1 x sink
1 x tap
1 x surface-top gas hob
1 x extraction fan and exhaust tubing
1 x built in gas oven

The tiling will take 5 days to put up, the kitchen units will take two weeks to make and can't go up until after the tiling, the plumbing and gas installation is to do and then the shelving to be done.

At this point we could still go for a simpler approach but, as with Ahab, the whale is in our sights. 

On top of the kitchen the single main thing that needs doing is for security bars to be fitted around the perimeter of the back of the house. The area seems genuinely nice and this is really just a precautionary measure, seemingly done by everyone.

Current plan is to move in on the weekend of the 30th and 31st of January. Watch this space for details.

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